Our Networking Engineers can provide all of your networking needs, be it Designing, Setting up a Network, its maintenance or troubleshooting. Our networking specialists can build and maintain small, medium and large corporate networks and Intranets flawlessly. Our team can efficiently layout structured cabling and install firewalls, (T, T3, DSL & cable) modems for Internet access, routers, hubs, switches, etc. Along with delivering good quality systems, it would be expected of us to provide timely maintenance, which ensures minimum downtime, and we are glad to be doing a good job of it too.


LAN, WAN and Wireless planning and design, Network software and hardware integration, Workstation installation, Security implementation, Network printing, Modem communications, Electronic mail systems, Networked facsimile systems, Backup systems, Cabling, Network support & administration, We offer best services for annual maintenance contracts in the Tri-state area.


All Desktop & Laptop/Notebook Software Issues, OS Problems, Virus or Ad-ware Problems, IP Conflicts, Error Messages & Illegal Operation Errors.

  • Laptop Repairs
  • Desktop & Workstation Repairs
  • Server Repairs
  • Router Repairs
  • Cabling Runs and Repairs



  • File Server
  • DataBase Server
  • Microsoft Exchange Configuration and Maintenance
  • Disaster Recovery and Backup Solutions
  • Security and File Protection��" Firewalls, Proxy Servers, Tape Backups
  • IT Consultation and Coordination of Voice and Data related projects
  • Consultation, design and implementation of all IT and Telephony related projects.
  • Consultation and Purchasing of all IT related equipment
  • Network and PC support, installation and connectivity
  • Anti-Virus & Spy-Ware Solutions
  • Building Connectivity - Campus setup or Separate Locations (share files, share High Internet Access, Share Email, Data access, etc)
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Improved Network Performance
  • Scalable Network Design and Consolidation " Combine all network resources through one backbone " Network Diagrams & Documentation
  • Remote Access Setup " VPN Solution*
  • Computer Room Organization
  • Network and Telephone Cabling
  • Budget analysis for all IT related purchases and expenditures
  • High Speed Internet Access " DSL, Cable, T, Wireless

Remote Access and Phone Support:

  • Remote Access Support and Troubleshooting - PCs and Network
  • Remote Access Changes - PCs and Network
  • Remote Training - PCs and Network
  • Remote Network Programming - Firewall, routers, switches
  • Implementation of Network Security (Server and firewall maintenance)

Scheduled On-site Visits:

  • Emergency & Scheduled On-site visits
  • Major PC and Network Installations and Repair; Network and PC moves, adds and changes for all departments; Replacing defective network backbone equipment (routers, firewall, switches); Major software upgrades for all departments
  • 3rd Party Vendor Software and Hardware consultation, recommendation and installation
  • On-site visit for installation or replacing network related equipment (switches, firewall, router), major network failure, new policy implementation, major projects, software installation
  • Server maintenance – Active Directory, File Management, File Backup
  • Hardware consultation/Telnet port conversions/Tape loads