Product / Service

Included Features
Total Desktop Care (TDC)

v  Technology Platform  

v  24x7 NOC Preventative Maintenance Team  

v  Anti-Spyware protection  

v  Two forms of remote control (RDP, LogMeIn)  

v  Security Patch Management  

v  Advanced Scripting Engine for automating Windows  tasks

Virtual Service Desk (End Client Helpdesk)

v  Includes Total Desktop Care(TDC) and Technology Platform 

v  24x7 NOC Preventative Maintenance Team 

v  US-based Help Desk Team 

v  Desktop & Server Support

v  Business Hour Support 

v  Extended On-call Business Hour Support 

v  Toll Free Client Support Number  

v  Anti-Spyware protection  

v  Two forms of Remote Control (RDP, LogMeIn)  

v  Security Patch Management  

v  Minimum Requirements:  

v  Six Desktop Agents per client site  

v  Remote Server Care must be purchased for each server

1.       Technology Platform: This is an agent based system managed from the ITSupport Portal. The agents run routine monitoring checks and scheduled jobs to maintain client systems.

2.       24x7 NOC Preventative Maintenance Team: This team monitors and maintains preventative maintenance activities (Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware and Security Patch Management). This team does not perform Anti-Virus installations/un-installations.

3.       US-based Help Desk Team: This team is comprised of L1 and L2 engineers who specialize in troubleshooting desktop and server applications and operating systems. The US-based Help Desk Team responds to incoming client requests by phone or emails. Partners are also able to escalate tickets to the Help Desk Team.

4.        Business Hour Support: 8:00am –10:00pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. Holiday schedule may vary

5.       Extended On-call Business Hour Support: 10:00pm – 8:00am Eastern Time, Monday through Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday. Extended On-Call Support are phone calls only initially handled by a call answering service. The answering service informs the on-call help desk technician who then contacts the client.

Deskop Agent Schedule 


v A Network Operations Center (NOC) that provides 24x7 visibilities of Windows-based desktops/laptops for all businesses. Proactive service is provided with preventive maintenance scheduled at specified intervals.

v Reduction of your operational costs are achieved because you have a staff of employees supporting you, who carry out the day to day work of checking Anti-virus signatures, scanning and  removing Spyware, updating critical security patches and cleaning temporary files on a regular basis. 

v Decrease your cost of desktop/laptop management as part of your managed services contract and protect against Spyware which has become the number one problem in Small Business environments.

v  Preventive Maintenance Activity:

ü  Asset Data collection

ü  Spyware deletion

ü  Temp File deletion

ü  Anti-virus signature update

ü  Patch assessment

ü  SMART check

v  Services Schedule:

ü  Every Monday and Thursday  ü  Every day  ü  Every Tuesday and Friday  ü  Every 4 hours  ü  Every Wednesday  ü  Every Monday and Thursday 

v  SolutionTotal Desktop Care (TDC) provides all the building blocks to provide comprehensive preventive maintenance services remotely in the SMB market. This solution is comprised of the following components – a desktop/laptop agent within the technology platform with all the intelligence built-in to conduct day to day preventive maintenance services, an Anti-virus package bundled with our platform at no cost and support for Anti-virus management for other popular Anti-virus packages, an Anti-spyware package bundled along with the platform processes through the NOC to clean up temporary files and apply Critical security patches. The platform also provides for generating detailed inventory reports and reports related to all the preventive maintenance activities conducted through the NOC. The platform comes with a built-in Scripting engine and can also be used to deploy software applications remotely. 

Let us look at each of these components and their unique features more closely:

· Technology Platform: The platform provides a completely secured environment for managing desktops and laptops and conducting preventive maintenance activities remotely.

· Intelligent Desktop Agents: desktop agents come pre-built with jobs to update Anti-virus signatures, delete temp files, scan and remove Spyware, etc. Each of these is a pre-scheduled activity that is run automatically in low priority mode whenever the machine is available, whether it is connected to the LAN or to the internet.  

· White and Blacklisting of Patches: Our NOC service provides a list of White and Blacklisted patches (Critical security patches for Microsoft OS and applications) after conducting Internet research and testing patches on test beds. Administrators can choose to apply these patches themselves or have the NOC deploy them on the client network.

· Remote Control solution: Provides an efficient remote control solution that works over the advanced provisioning system that  enables the administrators to support their sites remotely.


· Comprehensive reporting: Provides a comprehensive reporting engine to capture information related to hardware and software inventory. It also provides executive reports detailing preventive maintenance activities such as patches applied, Anti-virus updates done, Spyware instances removed, temp files deleted etc.


· Anti-virus package bundled: Currently we bundle AVG Anti- virus package along with our TotalDesktop Care package. The Desktop Agent can also manage signature updates of other Anti-virus packages like Norton, Symantec, E-trust etc. The signature files are updated once every four hours.


· Anti-spyware package bundled: Currently we Counter Spy from Sun Belt Technologies along with our Total Desktop Care package. The Anti-spyware scans are done every day.